The unsolved murders of the Jamison family 

Hi! So this is my first ever blog , I’m probably not going to get any readers but oh well lol. In today’s blog I’m going to be writing about the unsolved murders of the Jamison family. 

The Jamison family from Oklahoma, United States mysteriously disappeared on the 8th of October 2009. The family consists of 44 year old Bobby Dale Jamison , 40 year old Sherilynn Leighann Jamison and their 6 year old daughter Madyson Stormy Star Jamison. At the time of their disappearance it was said that the family were looking to buy a forty -acre plot of land in a place which was said to be very dangerous. Their remains were found on either the 15th or the 16th of November 2013 but the bodies wouldn’t be identified until the 3rd of June 2014 but because the bodies were so decomposed the cause of death could not be determined and why they disappeared still remains unanswered to this day. 

It is said that and I believe that the Jamison family did not disappear on their own accord. A few days after they vanished their pickup truck was discovered, the Jamisons’ bodies were not in the truck but their dog was in the truck nearly dead from going days without food and water. Also found in the truck was the Jamisons’ IDs, their mobile phones , wallets and around $30,000 in cash , although it was made known that the Jamisons often carried around large amounts of cash. 

There are several theories about what happened to the Jamison family. I’m going to briefly list them and then go into more details about some of them. The theories are that they had committed group suicide , they were murdered , they were involved with drugs/drug dealing and they were killed by a cult.

Murder suicide – It is known that both Bobby and Sherilynn had depression. After Bobby was in a car accident he had chronic pain which led him to him being depressed and Sherilynn had bipolar disorder. It was also noted that they were going through a rough patch in their marriage and the police came up with a theory that Sherilynn had snapped and had killed her husband and her daughter before turning the gun on herself. This was backed up by an 11 page letter the police found in the couples truck that she had written to Bobby. The letter basically said that she didn’t need a family and stuff along those lines. But Sherilynn’s friends said that this was her way of coping with her bipolar disorder. I personally don’t believe this theory as there was no gun or any other weapon found beside or near where the bodies were discovered. 

They were murdered – It is believed that the family were murdered by someone they knew , either Bobby’s father or by a man who rented a room in their house. Bobby was involved in a lawsuit with his father over money and property. Bobby had reported that his father had threatened him and his family and that’s why they had cameras installed outside their home. Bobby’s father had an alibi for the time of the murder but it was rumoured that he could have sent a hitman. He was never considered a suspect and the police do not believe he had any involvement in the family’s disappearance.                            It is also believed they were murdered by a man who rented a room at the Jamisons house , until one day he started making disturbing racist comments, so Sherilynn pointed a gun at him and kicked him out of her house. They found out his name from a prescription bottle that was found in the Jamisons truck. Although people find this suspicious I think it could have been left there anytime as he lived in the house it’s also likely he had been in their truck before their disappearance. He was investigated by the police but his alibi checked out. 

Drugs/drug dealing – Because of the amount of cash that was found in the truck and also it has been said that the mountains they disappeared in were full of meth labs which made police believe the Jamisons were on drugs and or selling drugs. There was also statements given from neighbours that claimed the Jamisons appeared to be on drugs but their family and friends deny that they were drug addicts , police also didn’t find drugs or signs of drug use in the Jamisons house or truck.                                       Another theory which I do think could be what happened is that the family came across one of the meth labs and were killed because of it. This theory has never been proven but I do think that out of all the theories this makes most sense to me. 

They were killed by a cult – Sherilynn’s mother , Connie, believes that the family were killed by a violent cult. It is said that they were killed by a cult called The United White Knights. Apparently a friend of the family called Nicki had been told that Sherilynn had been fighter with the cult. Also it was said that the cult were always in the mountains where the family had disappeared and the cult had wrote satanic message on a car found close to the Jamisons truck and that Sherilynn had written over the messages with stuff like “God love you”. I don’t believe this theory as how would they know it was Sherilynn who wrote the messages. But I guess we may never know. 

This case confuses me to this day. I do believe they were theory that they were killed because of coming across a meth lab in the mountains. Another thing I don’t understand is that if the mountains were as dangerous as everyone made out why would the Jamisons want to buy land there ?? 

I hope you liked my first blog , please let me know your thoughts on what happened.